RS Master Gold

Master II and III

Master of the Art
A “State of the Art Loudspeaker System, designed and build with no compromise.
The basket oh the Mid-/Bassdriver and of the Midrange Speaker is milled from a solid Aluminum block.
This assembly is resonance free due its massive “bulletproof” design and the extremely high mass.

The 26mm Stone Tweeter of the RS Master System with silk dome, allows by their extremely low resonance frequency an ideal adaption to the Mid-/Bassdriver of the 2-way system or to the Midrangespeaker of the 3-way system.
The Midrangespeaker of the 3-way system is exactly designed and manufactured like the Mid-/Bassdriver.

The crossover from the RS Master 2-way system are build with hand selected High-End parts from “Mundorf”.
The RS Master 3-way System comes without crossover for an active crossover use.

The aluminum-baskets from the Bass-Driver, the midrange-speaker and the housings from the tweeter are real gold-plated.


 Mid WooferMidrangeTweeter
Height total93 mm47 mm31 mm
Outer diameter166mm97 mm57 mm
Cutout diameter143 mm85 mm48 mm
Interior depth83mm41 mm16 mm
Sensitivity (db)92 db92 db92 db
Power handling100100100
Recommended filter (db)121212
Frequency response (Hz)30-3000300-100001650-22000
Recommended box size (liter)door0,3-0,5
RE (Ω)3,23,23,2
Fs (Hz)35110760
Le (mH)0,180,12
VAS (liter)7,320,55
Mms (gram)12,34
Cms (µM/Newton)0,30,35
Eficiency (1W/1M)92 db92 db
Diam (mm)0,0130,0036
RmS (R)0,850,82

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