RS Energy Art

Energy Art Mono/2/4

Our new Generation of amplifier RS Energy Art come in range of Multi Channel, Stereo and Mono version perfect to fit in any system. A perfect balance of power and soundquality are blended in our new amplifier generation. All the amplifiers are processor controlled and visualized all their basic function thru a display.


Art 2
Art 4
Art Mono
Number of Channels241
Power Output Class AB 4 Ohm2 x 150 Watt4 x 80 Watt
Power Output Class AB 2 OHM2 x 270 Watt2 x 130 Watt350 Watt
Bridge Power Output 4 Ohm1 x 550 Watt2 x 150 Watt600 Watt
Frequence Response15Hz-50000Hz 15Hz-50000Hz 15Hz-50000Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio98 db98 db98 db
Input Sensitivity 0,2V - 5V0,2V - 5V0,2V - 5V
Idle current 1 A1,2 A1,6 A
Operation Voltage11V - 14,4V11V - 14,4V11V - 14,4V
Maximum Current45 A50 A50 A

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